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AFTEC - Aviation Fuel Technicians

AFTEC is a decades long distributor and integrator of aviation fueling equipment. Formed in 1960, AFTEC was at the forefront in “ushering in” the “jet age” of air flight. Over the decades, AFTEC has designed and provided hundreds of aviation fuel systems and has led the industry with multiple quality control standards. AFTEC’s primary business is representing manufacturers in the distribution and start-up of aviation fuel facilities.

AFTEC has been a “Single Source Supplier” on countless military projects. We have longstanding representation of key manufacturers to include: Cla-val Control Valves, Velcon Filters, Gammon Technical Products, Liquid Controls Meters, Union Pumps, Floway Pumps, Scully Deadman and Overfill Protection equipment, Telemetry and Process Controls (TPC) and others. We have a registered professional engineer on staff who performs aviation system integration review and start-up as a daily and primary aspect of his employment.

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